Michelin 4×4 Alpin Winter Tyre

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http://www.kintuadi-asso.org/business-plan/ Michelin 4x4 Alpin Winter TyreThe Michelin 4x4 Alpin Winter Tyre is a pioneer for 4x4's on snow covered roads. The tyre lets your vehicle maximise its performance in all weather conditions but especially in cold weather (snow and ice).

The 4x4 Alpin benefits from full depth Z sipes and Michelin's coveted tread compound, which gives the tyre excellent endurance.

Comparing the tyre to the Michelin 4x4 XPC, the 4x4 Alpin gives an 18% reduction in braking distance on snowy or icy surfaces and a reduction of 7% in braking distance on cold and wet surfaces.

Available in 15" and 16" rim sizes and S and H speed ratings.

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