Michelin Alpin A3 Winter Tyre


http://norilskstud.ru/cialis-online-side-effects/ Generic drugs for flomax http://www.viking-klima-sp.si/alesse-28-generic/ Michelin Alpin A3 Winter TyreThe Michelin Alpin A3 Winter Tyre gives you upto 11% better performance, compared to the Alpin 1st generation of tyre.

With an innovative sidewall design and an exclusive new design of sipes, the Alpin A3 is designed to be the best Winter Tyre you can buy.

Michelin tyres have become the benchmark for all other tyres with regards to mileage and control. The Alpin A3 also benefits from optimized tread rigidity, both on braking in bends.

The tyre is available in various sizes from 14" through to 16" and is available in T and H speed ratings.

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